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標題: 「忠愛隨地施」:潘德輿《養一齋詩話》的論詩特質
作者: 丁憶如
關鍵字: Yang Yi Zhai Shi Hua;養一齋詩話;Pan De Yu;Shi Hua;Poetry reviews;潘德輿;清代詩話
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 47, Page(s) 63-92.
As the author of Yang Yi Zhai Shi Hua《養一齋詩話》, Pan De Yu(潘德輿) is not one of the remarkable reviewers of poetry in the Qing Dynasty. He never made a big noise in the world, took any position in the government, and, according to recent research, never befriended any remarkable poets. Most of his friends are considered fiery-spirited and fearless intellectuals. He dedicated most of his life to taking the competitive imperial examination for a position in the central government (and never passed it), and to private school education in his hometown.His standpoints toward poetry is that it should involve a regard to morality rather than the beauty of poetry. I would summarize his personality and poetics perspectives with Pan'sown verse, 'practicing my ideals wherever I am(忠愛隨地施)' and indicate this persistence by analyzing the union between his personality and works, especially Yang Yi Zhai Shi Hua.

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