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標題: 傅偉勳《死亡的尊嚴與生命的尊嚴》析評
作者: 王妙純
關鍵字: 傅偉勳;Charles Fu;生死學;生死觀;生命觀;生命尊嚴;死亡尊嚴;Life and death studies;Life and death perspectives;Perspectives of life;Dignity of life;Dignity of death
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 47, Page(s) 271-288.
Charles Fu's Dignity of Death and Dignity of Life, released in 1993, caused a great sensation. Ever since then, universities in Taiwan have rushed to offer life-and-death related courses. Nanhua University, for instance, formed Graduate Institute of Life and Death Studies, publishing journals of Life and Death Studies. Secondary schools also put life education into their curricula. People in Taiwan, inspired by Charles Fu, have started to look at death issues openly, thus leading to a boom in life and death research. As Dignity of Death and Dignity of Life set the trend, it has been regarded as a milestone in life and death studies in Taiwan and a must-have book for those who want to study life and death.This paper is divided into the following chapters. Chapter one is the foreword, with the introduction of Charles Fu's life and the chapter outline of Dignity of Death and Dignity of Life. Chapter two presents the origin of Fu's life and death issues and the book's academic framework, with sections of a. the relations between Fu's personal "life history" and "life and death studies" b. the academic origin of Fu's construction of life and death studies. Chapter three looks at the reviews on Dignity of Death and Dignity of Life. Chapter four is the conclusions.

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