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標題: 論《水滸傳》的狂歡精神與庶民性格
作者: 康珮
關鍵字: 水滸傳;Outlaws of the March;巴赫汀;狂歡詩學;怪誕形象;庶民;Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin;The poetics of carnival;Grotesgue figures;Common people
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 47, Page(s) 185-210.
In most studies, Outlaws of the Marsh are interpreted in the light of "loyalty and justice", which is evidently politically correct. This thesis reinterprets Outlaws of the Marsh based upon Bakhtin's poetics of carnival. First a brief introduction on Bakhtin's carnival theory is proposed. I then explain the limitation of our analysis of change the type face grounded on Bakhtin's theory. Analysis of the characters in marketplace, festivals, feats and foods identifies the novel's carnival spirits.Numerous characters from all walks of life represent lives of common people. In chapter 66 and 72, features of carnival, feats, costumes, and Heteroglossia are represented on the day of Lantern Festival. Feast and foods also become a powerful image in Outlaws of the Marsh. Wide use of slang, idioms, and wordplay build an optimistic and humorous language style, which breaks away from serious conventional regulation. More over, "lu zhi shen"(魯智深) and "li kui" (李逵)act like grotesque animal figures, realizing the description and imagination of the body in the poetic of carnival. This article seeks to manifest the characteristic of common people in Outlaws of the Marsh through discussion.

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