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標題: 焦循手批《禮記註疏》之探賾
作者: 韓碧琴 
關鍵字: 焦循;汲古閣刊本;手批十三經註疏;禮記
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 32, Page(s) 127-146.

Jian-Shyun(焦循), a representative scholar of Yangchow school in the Ching Dynasty, is renowned for his study of the classics. He finished handwritten commentaries on “Shyr San Jing Juh Shuh” (十三經註疏) edited by Mau-Jinn (毛晉) at Jyi Guu Ger (汲古閣) in the Ming Dynasty and became a master of textual study of the classics. A study of “Jianu-Shyun’s handwritten commentaries on Shyr San Jing Juh Shuh” was published recently. However, the study only recorded then data without comparing, analyzing and distinguishing studies. The purpose of this article is to search for the Jian-Shyun’s study on the rites by investigating “Jiau-Shyun’s handwritten commentaries on Li Chi Juh Shuh (禮記註疏)”
Collations of Li chi by other authors are compared and analyzed to correct the corrupted words, interpolations and other errors in the Li Chi Juh Shuh. On the other hand, other scholar’s statements manifested Jiau-Shyun’s original thought dealing with the rites. Although Jian-Shyun was an erudite scholar in the Chign Dynasty, he could hardly avoid any mistake because of the lack of information at that time. However, his precise collations and original commentaries could be very useful for the followers.
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