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標題: 儒家之知幾保命觀
作者: 劉錦賢 
關鍵字: 儒者;知幾;保命;全身;免禍;善終
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學文學院
Project: 興大人文學報, Volume 32, Page(s) 89-125.
Catastrophes often sprout as people eagerly strive to chase for self benefits. Yet, Confucianists either treat people or manage affairs with the following principles to keep disasters away:
a. Cautous behavior: A Confucianist is rigorous to his words and behavior in case of making enemies with others as well as damaging himself. He introspects all the time, never speaks flightily and rashly, and with obedience, no pride, no bumble, behaves himself leisurely and comfortably. .
b. Prudence and tolerance: Treat people with generosity and respect. Tolerance brings up safety, and prudence, the peace. Both the characteristic properties are spontaneous preciousness. Showing the tolerance but furious anger in mind; prudent appearance but with inward pride, both the imbalance conditions will lead to malignity.
c. Bend and extension: A Confucianist always aims at self-cultivation and society improvements. To him, serving as an officer is to practice his idea instead of to pursue personal reputation and wealthy. Therefore, he must be able to judge, go toward on and withdraw. Therefore, he must be able to judge, to toward on and withdraw back from his road leading to his target, without longing for the famous name or abundant treasures which may bring one to insult even death.
d. Staying vigilant in peace: A Confucianist keeps his consciousness of disasters in mind whenever staying in good or bad time. One easily becomes ignorant and resigns to the circumstances when being in good time, and the ruin and corruption often hide at the back of happiness. Therefore, one staying in alertness all the time can never be anxious.
e. Timely appropriate values: One existing in this world, only being with wisdom and virtue, can take proper actions than ruddiness generating damages. A being aware of everything, one can always judge correctly at the moment.
f. Prevention is the best than ever: Merely people themselves provoke either disasters or fortune. The three-foot snow is caused not by just one day of coldness. If one is able to foresee everything for prevention, he then can well project before procedure, and keep mind clean and calm and then speak to others; thus, the misfortune will be deformed.
With brilliant conceptions the Confucianist realizes worldly wisdom. His behavior, as well as word, definitely follows the heavenly principles; also he well understands the happiness is his only choice, which is called “be aware of tiny evidence to save life”.

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