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標題: 高介電材料鈦酸鈷應用在非揮發性記憶體之研究
CoTiO3 High-k Dielectric for Nonvolatile Memory
作者: 許庭瑋
Hsu, Ting-wei
關鍵字: High-k;高介電;CoTiO3;Nonvolatile;鈦酸鈷;非揮發性記憶體
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文首次合成出可應用在非揮發性記憶體的高介電材料鈦酸鈷。而在有阻障層的結構中,鈦酸鈷的介電常數可高達40。鈦酸鈷薄膜的合成方式,是利用鈷與鈦的堆疊結構,分別在存氧的環境下以700、800、900 °C三種溫度氧化。我們發現以700、800°C兩種氧化溫度下有較低的漏電流特性以及高的崩潰電場。在本篇論文中,我們對薄膜中捕捉電子現象,以及漏電流特性有深入的分析。700、800°C兩種氧化溫度的鈦酸鈷薄膜,其電流傳導機制為空間電荷限制電流。但是氧化溫度900°C的鈦酸鈷薄膜,因為有Co2TiO4的產生,有著與前述不同的混合機制。

In this thesis, for the first time we have fabricated CoTiO3 high-k material as the interpoly dielectrics for nonvolatile memory application. We found that the dielectric constant with the barrier layer can be reached as high as 40. CoTiO3 thin film were thermally grown in oxygen ambient on the deposited Co and Ti stacked metal films in 700、800、900 °C respectively. It is found that samples with 700 and 800 °C oxidation show a good characteristic, including reasonable breakdown field and leakage. Charge trapping and conducting mechanism were studied in detail for this structure. It is found that the conducting mechanism is space charge limited current for 700、800 °C samples. But it shows mixed conducting mechanism for 900 °C. This is due to different phase, Co2TiO4 , which results in different conducting mechanism.
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