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標題: 應用於低電壓電荷磊浦之新式四相位時脈與產生電路設計
Design of new four-phase clock scheme & generation circuits for low-voltage charge pumps
作者: 陳迺賢
Chen, Nai-Hsien
關鍵字: low-voltage;低電壓;charge pump;four-phase;generation circuits;電荷磊浦;四相位;產生電路
出版社: 電機工程學系

It is well known that the charge pumping circuits play a very important role in Flash memory or EEPROM circuits. For example, programming or erasing the Flash memory cells needs very high positive and negative voltages. Those are also widely used in switch capacitor systems, such as A/D, D/A, and filter systems.
The recent development of portable communication systems has driven to the trend to low-voltage and low-power circuits. Therefore, this thesis proposed the new efficient clock scheme for low-voltage four-phase charge pumping circuits utilizing high voltage clock generator to generate boosted clocks and new four-phase generation circuits for low-voltage charge pumps. The two major factors limiting the pumping gain and efficiency are the body effect and the threshold voltage. One technique was proposed to minimize the influence of them. That is the boosted clocks are applied on the capacitors connected to the gates of the major pumping transistors to enhance the pumping gain. With the new technique, the four-phase charge pumping circuits have high positive or negative boosted voltages at very low supply voltages. In addition, a new four-phase generator for the four-phase charge pumping circuits for very low supply voltage can be practical and easily implemented using single clock.
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