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標題: 不均勻介質對層狀結構中微帶傳輸線的影響
the effects of localized inhomogeneities on microstrip transmission lines in a layered medium
作者: 何錦煌
Her, Jin-Huang
關鍵字: inhomogeneities;不均勻;mis;depletion region;金屬-絕緣-半導體;空乏層
出版社: 電機工程學系

In this paper, a mixed surface and volume integral equation is formulated in the spectral domain to analyze the transmission-line structures consisting of conducting strips embedded in a multilayered medium. The number of the background dielectric layers is assumed arbitrary. Each layer of the medium can be lossy or uniaxial with its optical axis normal to the stratification. Some localized inhomogeneities in the dielectric may exist around the conducting strips. In the numerical process, the conducting strips are modeled by surface current densities and the localized inhomogeneous dielectrics are modeled by equivalent volume current densities. The required electric-type Green's function in the spectral domain for a multilayered medium is derived by matching the tangential fields at all the layer interfaces and at the position of the current filament. Galerkin's method of moments is applied to obtain the phase constant and the attenuation constant. Microstrip lines with segmented or corrugated substrates are studied. metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) transmission lines in the presence of depletion regions are also investigated.
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