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標題: 在Intel Ixdpg425嵌入式系統上實現安全網路電話系統
An Implementation of a Secure Network Telephone System on Ixdpg425 Embedded Systems
作者: 黃建棠
Huang, Jian-Tang
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文研究的主旨在於實現安全的網路電話系統到Intel® IXDPG425嵌入式系統開發板上。
在論文中主要分為三個部份,分別是Intel® IXDPG425開發板的硬體規格、軟體系統實作和使用AES(Advance Encryption Standard)加密演算法來處理即時的語音訊號。其中網路電話的通訊協定我們使用目前最流行的SIP(Session Initiation Protocol)與SRTP(Secure Real-time Transport Protocol),而整個VoIP軟體系統的來源碼,大部份都是使用從網際網路上下載的免費且開放式的原始碼,所以大大地節省開發的費用及時間。最後,我們也會介紹如何建立一個開發系統的環境與設定,並且進行嵌入式Linux作業系統與應用程式的編譯,使軟體系統與Intel® IXDPG425開發板硬體結合,將安全網路電話功能展示出來。

Main Purpose of this thesis is to implement a Secure Network telephone system on the IXDPG425 development board. Three major parts were divided for this thesis. They are the specification of the Intel® IXDPG425 development board hardware 、software system implementation and secure voice transport Protocol of the AES(Advance Encryption Standard) Encryption Algorithm. We adopt the most popular SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) and SRTP(Secure Real-Time transport Protocol) at present in Secure VoIP communication protocol. Source code of the majority in software system is VoIP a free open source software which was downloaded from the internet. So, the expenses and time in this development economized greatly. In our conclusion, we also recommend how to build an environment of development system, and how to compile the embedded Linux operating system and application programs. Let the software system combined with the Intel® IXDPG425 development board. Show the function of network telephone.
A real develop system was recommended here. We show the use of Intel IXDPG425 development board and the real implementation of the function like VoIP, SIP, SRTP.
其他識別: U0005-1706200716125400
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