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標題: 虱目魚肌動凝蛋白之熱凝膠特性
作者: 柯文慶
關鍵字: Actomyosin;Thermally induced gelation;Suwari;Modori;Milkfish
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 44, Issue 4, Page(s) 31-40.
自虱目魚普通肉抽取肌動凝蛋白(actomyosin; AM),探討其熱凝膠特性。結果
顯示 AM 之凝膠強度隨水分含量之減少而增加,在相同水分含量下,其凝膠強度約為肉糊(
meat paste )之兩倍,肉糊與 AM 之固形分與凝膠強度之自然對數值均呈強線性關係, 表
示 AM 應為肉糊凝膠形成之主要功能性蛋白質。 將 AM 置於 25 ~ 85 ℃溫度區間, 以 1
℃ /min 的昇溫速率加熱, 發現其凝膠形成溫度為 43 ~ 63 ℃, 而轉移溫度(

Milkfish actomyosin (AM) was extracted from ordinary muscle to
investigate its thermally induced gelation properties. Gel strength of AM
increased with the decrease of moisture content and it was about 2-fold of that
of meat paste under the s
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