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標題: 含壓電致動器之微定位平台控制設計
Control Design of a Micro-Positioning Platform using Piezoelectric Actuators
作者: 簡子傑
Jian, Zi-Jie
關鍵字: 磁滯;壓電致動器;進化演算法;交叉偶合控制器;Hysteresis;Piezoelectric actuator;design;Evolutionary algorithm;Cross-coupling control
出版社: 電機工程學系
本研究主要在設計壓電致動器的追跡控制器。壓電致動器的非線性現象主要是受磁滯現象所影響,本研究首先利用Preisach model描述磁滯行為,再利用此模型以前饋控制器來補償,最後結合演算法決定PID控制器增益消除建模誤差。此外,本研究亦針對雙軸運動控制下的循跡誤差問題,提出一嶄新的交叉偶合控制器加以補償。實驗驗證方面,在PC-based壓電控制平台架構下,利用前饋控制器與閉迴路結合進化演算法的PID控制器進行單軸定位控制;雙軸運動控制時則再加入交叉偶合控制器來進行循跡誤差補償。

The purpose of this study is to design a tracking controller for a piezoelectric actuated platform. First, a Preisach model is constructed to numerically describe the hysteresis behavior of piezoelectric actuators. Next, on the basis of the Preisach model, a feed-forward controller is developed to compensate for the hysteresis nonlinearity. A PID controller is introduced to suppress the tracking error due to the modeling inaccuracy and hence to get precision tracking control. The dual-axes motion control problem for the piezoelectric actuated platform is also investigated. A neural-net based decoupling control scheme is proposed to eliminate the contour error which is typical in dual-axes tracking control problem. The developed approaches are numerically and experimentally verified which demonstrate performance and applicability of the proposed designs under a variety of operating conditions.
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