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標題: 電感耦合效應在CMOS矽基板的研究
Study on the coupling effects of on-chip inductor in silicon-based technology
作者: 林俊榮
Lin, Chun-Jung
關鍵字: inductor;電感器;inductor coupling;mutual inductance;coupling effect;GMD;quality factor;substrate coupling effect;amplifier;fasthenry;電感耦合;互感;耦合效應;幾何平均距離;品質因素;基底耦合;放大器
出版社: 電機工程學系

The coupling effect between a pair of inductors in silicon substrate is investigated by changing the separation distances and relative current flow between these two inductors. This study involves two topics, one relates to a pair of inductors with the other terminals connect to ground .The other topic relates to substrate coupling between two spiral inductors with different layout configuration such as the turn number, separation distance, and relative current direction. By adopting geometry mean distance (GMD) to calculate the mutual inductance in low frequency, the substrate coupling effect at high frequency is investigated by using equivalent circuit. The result is helpful to implement more than one inductors in RF circuit design.
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