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標題: 加入WTO後水稻育苗中心營運調查研究
作者: Hung-I Liu
Chung-The Sheng
關鍵字: Rice seedling center;WTO;Practice;水稻育苗中心;營運調查
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 51, Issue 4, Page(s) 31-45.
"Rice is the main food in Taiwan. Following the change of diet habit, the consumption of rice is decreasing yearly. On the other hand, Taiwan has formally entered WTO, and the domestic rice market must open to the world. The open of domestic rice market will significantly affect the rice production locally. At the same time, the rice seedling business will be forced to be shrinkage. After opening the domestic rice market, local rice production won't be able to compete with imported rice, because of the production cost too high and scale to small. Therefore, the object of this study is to fully discover the practice situation of rice seedling centers in Taiwan by running a survey to fully gather and analyze the data and information.
The result of survey shows that the outputs of 82.65% of centers are decreasing yearly. The average decrement is 10%, and the worst situation can be 25%. But there are still few of centers of which outputs increase. The factors of output decrement are: the decrement of rice production field (35%), more competition among rice seedling centers (24%), the decrement of self production capability (15%), the facilities too old, lack of labor, labor aging, and etc. The factors of output increment are: the improvement of production technique and automatic equipment (48.26%), the increment of demand (38.61%), less competitors (9.65%), the improvement of seedling quality (3.48%), and etc. Due to the differences of rice production environment, economic structure, and business structure among four districts, the influence of imported rice to different districts does differ significantly. The influences on central and southern districts arc heavy, and the eastern district will be affected in the medium level, and there will be the least influence to the northern district."

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