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標題: 單雜交青割玉米品種胚部SSR(simple sequence repeat)標識在種子純度鑑定的應用
作者: Su-Jean Chuang
Hsiao-Hua Wang
Tzer-Kaun Hu
關鍵字: silage corn;種子純度檢定;purity testing;simple sequence repeats;microsatellites;polymerase chain reaction;微衛星體;核甘酸簡單序列重覆;聚合酶連鎖反應
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 51, Issue 4, Page(s) 9-18.
"本試驗的目的即是利用SSRs,(simple sequence repeat markers)的分析方法也種子胚部直接萃取DNA來調查雜交青割玉米品種之一代雜種及親本間可供識別之標識,以建立該品種種子純度檢定之依據。由玉米種子胚部萃取的DNA經SSR-PCR(PCR-amplified microsatellites (simple sequence repeat))分析後,參試的11對核甘酸引子對中,Y2對台南19號及MZEGPC1對台農3號之兩親及一代雜種間之PCR產物分別表現3個型。
對台農3號除了引子對Y2的識別條帶bp 121的出現與否可應用於組合內識別母本自交種子外,引子對MZEGPC1之PCR產物識別條帶可從大小為bp178/bp 134的出現與否在兩親及一代雜種間作完全識別。引子對Y2對台南19號之PCR識別條帶可從大小為bp150/bp 134的出現與否在兩親及一代雜種間作完全識別,應用於種子純度檢定不但能縮短檢定的時間亦能節省培育幼苗的花費。"

"The objective of this study was to establish SSR markers for seed purity test in two silage maize varieties Tainan no.3 and Tainan no.19. There were 3 electrophoresis patterns of SSR-PCR (PCR-amplified microsatellites (simple sequence repeat)) products amplified with DNA extracted from embryo and primer pairs Y2 and MZEGPC1, among parents and F1 hybrides of these two silage maize varieties, respectively.
The presence of DNA fragment bp121 and bp17S/bp134, which were SSR-PCR products of primer pairs Y2 and MZEGPCI, could be used to distinguish female-selfing and female, male parent and Fl-hybrid, respectively of variety Tainon no.3. Similarly, the presence of DNA fragment group bp150/bp134, which was SSR-PCR products of Primer pair Y2, was used to distinguish female, male parent and F1-hybrid of variety Tainan no.19."
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