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標題: 無人自行車之平衡控制與實現
Balancing Control and Implementation of a Riderless Bicycle
作者: 林洋鑫
關鍵字: riderless;自行車;bicycle
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文旨在發展無人自行車之平衡控制系統的設計方法與實現技術。無人自行車系統包含三個子系統,分別是前輪定位控制系統、後輪速度控制系統與平衡控制系統,其中前輪定位控制器與後輪速度控制器是採用由德州儀器公司所生產的TMS320F240 DSP單晶片來實現。在前輪定位控制系統中使用phase-lead補償器以控制前輪轉動的角度,而後輪速度控制系統則是採用PI控制器控制自行車前進的速度。在本論文中所採用的自行車模型係利用運動學的知識並經線性化後而推得,並利用此模型分別設計出PI及PD平衡控制器。經過電腦模擬後得知本論文所設計出的PI與PD平衡控制器皆具有良好的控制成效。最後是利用模糊理論設計一PD型之模糊控制器,希望利用人類騎乘自行車的知識與經驗來設計Fuzzy控制器以控制自行車使之直立前進。本文中所有的平衡控制器包括PI、PD與PD-Like Fuzzy控制器皆使用標準的C語言撰寫,並以工業級電腦(IPC)實現之。實驗所得到的數據證明本論文中所設計系統與平衡控制器皆能成功地達到使自行車自行直立前進的目的。

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for design and implementation of a balancing control system of a riderless bicycle. The riderless bicycle system is composed of a handle-bar position control subsystem, a rear-wheel speed control subsystem and a main balancing controller. The phase-lead hand-bar position controller is devised to accurately manipulate the two handle-bars to have right positions. The PI speed controller is designed to achieve accurate forward speed control of the bicycle. Two DSP-Based position and speed controllers are designed separately but implemented together on the same single-chip TMS320F240 digital signal processor (DSP) utilizing assembly coding techniques. To make the bicycle upright, a linearized kinematic model of the bicycle is derived and then used it to design PI and PD balancing controllers. After discovering the merits of the PD steering law, a model-free PD-like fuzzy control is proposed based on riding experience and knowledge of human riders. Computer simulations are described which have been used to illustrate feasibility of the three balancing control methods. All the three real-time steering control algorithms were realized on an industrial personal computer (IPC) using standard C programming techniques. Through experimental results, the three proposed steering laws have been shown to be useful in keeping the bicycle move without falling.
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