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標題: 網路系統備份與復原
Network System BackUp and Recovery
作者: 王德源
Wang , Der-Yuan
關鍵字: Remote Scheduling System;遠端排程系統;System BackUp;系統備份
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文主要是在建構一套機制,讓網路的管理者,能夠在任何時間、任何地點,利用Internet登入「遠端排程系統」;即能夠將各個區域網路上的電腦(約四分鐘)建構成不同的作業環境,以滿足課程多元化之需求。倘若系統未能如期完成任務時,Server會透過電子郵件回傳給該管理者;請求管理者更改設定或由Server 自動更改為手動設定模式。
為有效的縮短整個區域網路的重建時間及降低頻寬負載,重建資料是以多點多工(Multicasting)的方式傳輸。而為求增進整個系統的「效能」、「穩定性」與「安全性」,主控電腦的資料庫全部採用自定的COM+(Component Object Mode)物件來存取與更新,而這些COM+物件再進一步利用MTS(Microsoft Transation Server)來做整合性管理。當系統擴大時,可在此一架構下,達到分散運算處理的功能。而主控電腦與檔案伺服器之間的命令傳遞,為求最短的反應時間,亦以自訂的通訊協定來做資料傳輸,以達到快速安全的目的。

It is common that we need different configurations of operating systems in a PC classroom because many different classes to make PC classroom management easier use it; administrators often need to install programs in a hard disk. As a result, each PC needs a hard drive with great capacity. This makes managers even more complicated and users will face a different configuration each time. Once the system is damaged or infected by viruses. The result is catastrophic.
The goal of this thesis is to create a mechanism which enables the system manager to log on a remote scheduling system through the Internet at any time, any place. That is every computer of the local area network can be configured at the scheduled time through the remote management system to satisfy the need of each curriculum. If the system fail to complete it's job on schedule, the Server will E-mail the associated manager and ask he/she to change setting.
To effectively reduce the time of reconfiguration as well as network bandwidth, the reconfiguration data is transferred via multicasting. To enhance the functionally “stability” and “security” of the system, the database of the server used COM+ (Component Object Mode) object to save and update its data. Furthermore, the management of these COM+ objects is integrated by MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server). Under this architecture, we can achieve distributed computation when the system expands. To seek the shortest response time, we design a protocol so that data can be transfer rate very fast and securely in the network.
Keywords : Remote Scheduling System ,System BackUp
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