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標題: 無線IP網路的高層認證研究
A Research in High-Level Authentication for Wireless IP Networks
作者: 張正裕
Chang, Cheng-Yu
關鍵字: wireless IP network;無線IP網路;high-level authentication;roaming agreement;key exchange protocol;高層認證;漫遊同意;金鑰交換協定
出版社: 電機工程學系
本文首先描述一個簡單的網路模型來說明網路服務提供者的異質性,並就網路效率、安全性和欺騙防止等方面,說明執行於此網路架構模型的高層認證與金鑰交換的協定所需的安全性要求。然後介紹一個能滿足前述要求的認證和金鑰交換協定W-SKE(Wireless Shared Key Exchange),與一個高效率能執行高安全層級的一次密碼認證協定2GR(Two-Gene-Relation),其中還描述它們如何能符合安全性要求的特徵。最後提出利用W-SKE融合2GR的方式,設計出一個具有兩階段認證能適用於無線IP網路的新的高層認證協定,此一新設計的協定經進一步的分析後,可以確認它在效率與安全上都能有更優異的表現,並且能通過SPEARⅡ(Security Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource Ⅱ)軟體對它進行在效率與安全方面上的驗證。

The need for wireless access to an IP network is evident. In order to offer uninterrupted wireless IP service combined with everywhere seamless mobility, the different network provider need to be integrated with each other. Therefore, efficient authentication and dynamic key exchange protocol that support heterogeneous domains is the key to the success of wide-area wireless IP infrastructures. In this thesis, first, we describe a multiprovider multitechnology wireless IP network infrastructure that meets for heterogeneity in network service providers, and bring up the requirements of authentication and key exchange protocol that operates in such a model should satisfy. Then we proposed a new idea that combines W-SKE with 2GR to design a new authentication scheme and dynamic key exchange protocol. The proposed authentication scheme can support roaming in a foreign domain. We use SPEARⅡ for the security analysis. From the simulation results, we know that the proposed scheme provides better efficiency as well as high security.
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