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標題: 利用權重式輪詢作為差異性服務之QoS控制
A Weighted Round Robin QoS control for Differential Service
作者: 林世豪
Lin, Shih-Hao
關鍵字: Integrated Services;整合性服務;Differentiated Services;(Quality of Services, QoS);Differentiated Service Codepoint;差異性服務;品質服務;權重式輪詢;差異性服務規則要點
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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為了解決整合性服務(Integrated Services, IntServ)延展性及強健性的問題,IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)組織,提出差異性服務(Differentiated Services, DiffServ)架構,但差異性服務架構無法針對個別資料流提供端點對端點(End-to-End)的品質服務(Quality of Services, QoS)保證,因此本論文提出一個利用權重式輪詢QoS控制機制的差異性網路,使得個別資料流能獲得適當的網路資源與品質服務,來改善差異性服務架構無法針對個別資料流提供端點對端點品質服務保證的問題。
我們提出的權重式輪詢QoS控制機制,主要針對各種不同型態的資料提供的差異性服務規則要點(DiffServ Codepoint, DSCP),在Edge Router利用這些DSCP值來識別並區分這些個別傳輸的資料,量測個別資料流網路的流量狀況,付予不同的傳輸權重來保證個別資料流端點對端點服務品質,透過NS-2網路模擬程式的模擬,來驗證權重式輪詢QoS控制機制的可行性。


In order to solve the Integrated Service networks scalability and robustness questions, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force ) proposed a Differentiated Service networks, but the Differentiated Service networks can't guarantee End-to-End QoS of individual flow. In this thesis, we propose a Weighted Round Robin Queue Control Scheme for Differentiated Service networks that can improve the throughput of individual flow. In this scheme we use Differentiated Service Codepoint values to distinguish these individual flows in Edge Router and examine the individual flow to get the throughput. By mean of calculating the Weighted Round Robin value will come to guarantee End-to-End QoS of individual flow. Through the NS-2 network simulation we can show that the propose scheme can have better throughput of individual flow.
Keywords: Integrated Services, Differentiated Services, (Quality of Services, QoS), Differentiated Service Codepoint
其他識別: U0005-2507200708034100
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