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標題: 質子交換膜燃料電池之非線性電路分析與控制
Nonlinear Circuit Analysis and Control of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack
作者: 蔡武田
Tsai, Wu-Tien
關鍵字: Proton Exchange membrane fuel cell;質子交換膜燃料電池;electrochemical model;numerical method;transient circuit analysis;電化學模型;數值分析;暫態電路分析;動態響應
出版社: 電機工程學系
本文旨在研究質子交換膜燃料電池(Proton Exchange membrane fuel cell簡稱PEMFC)發電系統架構,電化學模型特性,等效電路分析及控制。本文提出電解海水(水)所產生之廢氫氣回收再利用的方法,建立簡單的獨立發電系統架構。利用電池構造及其電化學模型的操作參數方程式,推估其內部等效電路模型,以此可準確地預測燃料電池的輸出電壓,效率和電力。同時,文中也探討燃料電池組系統加入和切離電阻性及電感性負載時的穩態和暫態之電壓及電流響應特性,以微分程式表示發電系統等效電路之電壓及電流的穩態和暫態關係,使用數值分析之牛頓法求穩態解,並以圖解法驗證,而以尤拉法求暫態解,再加電腦模擬以獲得證明。最後,完成以PID為控制法則,控制空氣供給系統,使PEMFC之輸出電壓為一定值,模擬獨立發電系統之動態響應特性,證實本文所提方法之可行性。本方法亦可用於求解非電感性其他負載的暫態與穩態電路分析。

This paper presents a systematic method for circuit analysis and control of a Proton Exchange membrane fuel cell using electrochemical model. Transient responses of the PFMFC with partial addition and cut-off of the loads will be precisely calculated using a set of governing equations of the model, thereby exactly computing output voltage, efficiency and power of the cell. A set of state equations for describing the dynamics of the cell with the time-varying resistive and inductive loads is constructed and solved using the Euler's numerical method. Numerical results are used to verify the feasibility of the method. The developed method may be helpful in finding transient circuit behavior of the cell with a combined load.
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