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標題: 油壓式塑膠射出成型機控制系統之研製
Control system design and implementation of a hydraulic plastic injection molding machine
作者: 蘇寶明
關鍵字: 油壓式塑膠射出成型機;預測控制;PID控制
出版社: 電機工程學系
塑膠射出成型機應用層面相當廣泛,包含民生必需品、電子零件、醫療器材、光學鏡片……等等成型品。有些如CD (Compact Disk) 、飛機及太空梭零件、人造義肢及人工心臟等高科技射出成型塑品的品質及精度要求愈來愈嚴、尺寸公差從早期的毫米級到目前的微米級。高品質、高精度之成型品有賴具有精準、穩定特性的油壓式射出全閉伺服系統射出成型機。然而目前國內油壓零件供應商只生產較泛用之電流型之比例流量、壓力閥,對射出全閉迴路伺服系統全然沒有研發製造能力。本論文鑑於此,研製油壓塑膠射出成型機伺服控制系統,改善機台性能,提昇廠商之國際競爭力。
本論文的目的即是探討油壓塑膠射出成型機伺服控制器之機電整合設計方法學、控制器合成及其軟硬體實現製作技術。新式伺服控制器硬體設計技術包含:油壓閥PWM驅動電路控制、低價位而高效能的TMS320F2812 DSP晶片伺服控制器設計與其PCB製作技術以及高等模糊監控適應PID控制及實驗的過程與射出機加熱料管之溫度控制應用成效等項目。經由實驗數據證實,實驗本文所發展的內外迴路之PI控制器符合射出速度、保壓及加料背壓控制所需的性能。另外提出之新式適應PID控制策略,證實在模糊監控預估PID調整法具有優越的設定點追蹤與干擾抑制的能力。本論文所發展的技術將有助於提昇國內油壓塑膠射出成型機伺服控制之設計自主性。

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for mechatronic design, controller synthesis and a DSP-based implementation of a hydraulic plastics injection-molding machine. This proposed controller includes hydraulic actuation, adaptive predictive PID control, development of a cost-effective TI TMS320F2812 DSP controller with required interfacing circuits, and a complete printed circuit board. A top-down systematic design strategy is adopted to design the controller based on the system specifications and control performance. After choosing appropriate hydraulic actuators and transducers, general-purpose PID controller circuits are designed to satisfy the overall functions, and then an adaptive predictive PID control approach is proposed to achieve commands tracking. Engineering considerations on how the controller works well are taken into account. The system prototype together with experimental results is used for illustration of the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed systems. These techniques are expected to be powerful useful in providing key components design and implementation capabilities for any industrial manufacturing companies or research institutions in the field of hydraulic plastics injection molding machines
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