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標題: 數位雙向有線電視網路系統研究
Study on Digital Two-way Cable TV Network System
作者: 林屏
ping, lin
關鍵字: Cable Modem;纜線數據機;Set Top-Box;數位機上盒
出版社: 電機工程學系

The goal of the national digital policy is clear, and the whole platform specifications of the satellite, terrestrial radio station and the cable TV system are also definite. How to improve the transmission rate and capacity is our aim to achieve in the future, which is also the main purpose and motivation of this thesis.
In this thesis, we investigate the development of cable TV and the new structure of the present systematic network. First, by practically measuring different upstream frequency circumstances such as suburbs, areas of factories, residential districts, we aim to find the bottleneck of the modern HFC cable TV two-way network, such as the defects of the present transmission network structure and problems about the noise interference of 5~42 MHz upstream low frequency. Then we will use FDMA technique to change the present single-band transmission network structure to the multi-band transmission, which does not only keep the original network structure, save manual work and time, but also save the cost of investment and double the transmission capacity, and hence can satisfy the coming of the future interactive multimedia age.
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