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標題: 公平盲簽章於網路招標系統投標驗標作業的應用與實作
An Application and Implementation of Fair Blind Signature Embedded Bidding Process in Web-Based Auction System
作者: 羅青寅
Luo, Ching-Yin
關鍵字: Blind Signature;盲簽章;Fair Blind Signature;Cryptography;Web-based auction;公平盲簽章;密碼學;網路招標系統
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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隨著網際網路的蓬勃發展,各種電子商務與網路交易也漸趨頻繁,而相對的,資訊安全的概念也日益重要且受到重視。目前已有許多密碼學理論運用在實際作業上,用以達到資訊安全的需求,例如RSA演算法以及橢圓函數密碼學(Elliptic Curve Cryptography;ECC)。盲簽章(Blind Signature)理論自1982年Chaum提出後,陸續有許多學者提出改良與應用。而為改善盲簽章可能存在的缺失,Stadler等人亦於1995提出新公平盲簽章(Fair Blind Signature)的概念,而後雖有許多理論針對公平盲簽章做改良,但相較於RSA與ECC,公平盲簽章被應用於實際作業仍算少數。適切的理論運用於適切的作業,不僅能增加系統的安全性,更能增進系統的效能。盲簽章理論被提出後,主要提及可運於無記名投票、電子競標及電子現金等系統。所以我們利用其特性,將他應用於網路招標系統的投標驗標作業,並進行實作。在廠商投標時對其投標文件作簽章,並於驗標時對投標文件及簽章作驗證,以證明其有參與投標。僅以公平盲簽章本身的特性,即可達到網路招標系統投標驗標作業的多項安全需求,並驗證了公平盲簽章理論於實際系統應用的可行性,提供了一個簡單可行的投標驗標作業。

Cryptography theories have been applied to many web-applications as the solutions to reach the level of security in demand. Blind Signature Theory was introduced in 1982. After that many other experts together introduced a new concept, which is called Fair Blind Signature to improve the weakness of the Blind Signature Theory. Although many enhancements were made after Fair Blind Signature Theory's first introduction, its applications are still rare. However, we believe that Blind Signature Theory can substantially improve the system security and performance if it applies to a suitable application such as anonymous poll system, e-auction and e-cash etc. Therefore, We propose and implement a web-based auction system in which we applied the blind signature theory. We build a web-based auction system that can be achieved by purely applying Blind Signature Theory. The result of the implementation shows that blind signature theory is feasible and could easily applied to a web-based auction system.
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