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標題: 應用於主動式液晶顯示器之高效能緩衝放大器
High Performance Buffer Amplifiers for AMLCD Applications
作者: 黃聖紘
Huang, Sheng-Hong
關鍵字: 液晶顯示器;緩衝放大器;迴轉率;解析度
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文著重於可應用在大尺寸TFT-LCD源極驅動電路的輸出緩衝器之設計,並符合現今TFT-LCD高速,高驅動能力,高精確度與低功率消耗的需求。因此,我們設計了一個改良式的輸出緩衝放大器給UXGA使用。在此電路裡,我們在輸出端外掛一負載電容來模擬TFT- LCD源極映像點操作的狀態,且利用TSMC 0.35um 2P4M CMOS 製程的技術完成,並以SPICE 模擬其電器特性,工作頻率達100KHz,且輸出電壓可達全振幅的需求。
另外,本電路內將包含Nulling-input電路,來降低由於電路本身以及各個電路上元件不匹配的關係,所造成實際輸出值與理想值間之些微差距。因此,藉由此電路的使用,便可使輸出電壓與輸入端電壓的誤差值小於1mV。最後,因應LCD尺寸與解析度的提升,使傳輸資料線上的雜散電阻,電容值增加並使一列線所使用的時間縮短, 所以我們藉由新增一個預充電壓至影像信號電壓上,來補償其電阻電容延遲效應的問題,進而縮短其穩定時間。

This thesis focuses on the design of the output buffer for the TFT-LCD source driver circuit that is applied to the large-size panel. The design goals are high-speed, high driving capability, high precise and low-power consumption. Therefore, an improved output buffer used in the type of UXGA is designed. In the circuit, the operation of the pixel on TFT is simulated by using a loading capacitance at the output and the model of the TSMC 0.35um 2P4M CMOS technology. The driver circuit is simulated by the HSPICE program to get the electric characteristics. The operation frequency of the circuit is 100KHz and the full swing on the output voltage is achieved.
In addition, to reduce the difference between the practical and ideal values due to the mismatch effects of the circuit and devices, nulling-input part is included in this circuit. Thus, the error voltage is less than 1mV by using this circuit. Finally, owing to the increase of the size and the resolution of the TFT, it would increase the parasitic resistance and capacitance on the data line and shorten the one-row-line time. Therefore, we need to compensate the problem of the RC delay effect and shorten the settling time by adding a pre-emphasis voltage on the voltage of the video signal line.
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