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標題: 分析殘餘直流電造成畫面閃爍的影響
Analysis of TN-LCD image-sticking and flicker Caused by Internal Direct Current
作者: 魏霖杰
Wei, Lin-Chieh
關鍵字: flicker;閃爍;image-sticking;polyimide;LCD;殘影;配向膜;液晶顯示器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文中討論殘餘直流電壓對於液晶盒物理特性的影響,實驗方法是使用TN型正介電係數液晶材料搭配三家廠商提供的四種不同配向膜所產生的離子效應來做研究,包括:1. 殘餘直流電壓(Residual DC)量測,2. 殘影點燈測試,3. 畫素補償電壓時變。了解四種不同的配向膜釋放離子電荷的能力,觀察內部殘餘直流電壓對於液晶盒光學輸出特性的變化。在本實驗中我們首創補償電壓時變量測,我們在不同時間中分別量測補償電壓偏移情形,目的是觀察內部殘餘直流電壓的多寡是否會影響畫素補償電壓(Vgc)偏移情形。

Electro-optical properties are always the major factor of LCD quality and follow the development of low voltage drives and high response liquid crystal to make liquid crystal arrange in pairs PI material more importance. And then LCD arranges in pairs PI material consists impurities an ion existence to make the internal residual DC of PI material increase and to influence the physics material of LC cell and the quality of LCD.
This thesis uses TN type positive liquid crystal material to arrange in pairs three firms to offer an ion effect produced by four different PI to research and measure, includes: 1. Residual DC measure, 2. Residual image light a lamp test, 3.pixel voltage time dependent. Measure thesis is to add DC numerical (Bipolar DC Stress Method) in LCD box sample to understand the power of four different PI release an ion electric charge and observe the change of internal residual DC effects LCD box optics output character. And from optics measure to make sure the PI internal will produce residual DC to become the scrambled image when we add DC to LCD box sample. From the part of residual DC analyze residual image light a lamp test, we will know the power of PI release an ion become lower and the residual image becomes more serious. And from make reparation voltage time dependent character, we can know: except for process change character will effect making reparation voltage center leaning and besides also effect the amount of internal residual DC
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