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標題: 濁水溪下游河段揚塵發生之影響因素
Factors Affecting Aeolian Dust Emission in the Down-stream of Zhuo-shui River
作者: 林昭遠
Chao-Yuan Lin
Cheng-Yu Lin
關鍵字: Zhuo-shui River;濁水溪 ;aeolian dust emissions;warning system; 河川揚塵 ; 預警系統
出版社: 台北市:中華水土保持學會
Project: 中華水土保持學報, Volume 43, Issue 4, Page(s) 323-331.

Bare lands in the Zhuo-shui River are increasing due to decreasing water levels in drought seasons. The smaller particles of the bare lands lacking vegetation cover and/or water could be easily suspended and became aeolian dust under the northeast monsoon. It would seriously affect the nearby residentsí health. Screening for the affecting factors and establishing the evaluation model are important to develop the warning system for areas vulnerable to aeolian dust emission. The down-stream section of the Zhuo-shui River was selected as the study area. Meteorological data and satellite images were collected to analyze the main factors causing the aeolian dust emission for establishing the PM10 estimation models. The results indicate the established models should be adjusted due to the time-lagging phenomenon of peak occurrence between meteorological factors and PM10 in time series plotting. The coefficient of determination reached 0.77 by combining meteorological factors and land use to evaluate the daily maximum PM10, and the model shows the variations in concentration of the daily maximum PM10 at Lunbei monitoring station. The model developed in this study could be used as a reference for the warning system of aeolian dust emissions.
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第43卷 第04期

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