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標題: P型氫化非晶碳化矽層對氫化非晶矽薄膜太陽電池性能之影響
The influence of p-type a-SiC:H layers on the performance of a-Si:H thin film solar cells
作者: 林義敦
Lin, Yi-Tun
關鍵字: a-SiC:H thin film;氫化非晶碳化矽薄膜;buffer layer;solar cell;緩衝層;太陽能電池
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在本研究中,雙層P型氫化非晶碳化矽(a-SiC:H(B))薄膜太陽電池以脈波調變電漿加強化學氣相沈積(Pulse-PECVD)系統製作,此太陽電池結構為(Glass/TCO/P1-P2-I-N/Al)。以不同的B2H6、CH4氣體流量[B2H6(3~6 sccm)、CH4(36~90 sccm)]、頻率(1 Hz~10 kHz)、脈波調變射頻功率(20 ~40 W)調變薄膜的能隙值、活化能值及在600 nm 之吸收係數等影響薄膜品質的重要參數,薄膜能隙值介於1.89 eV ~ 2.19 eV、活化能值介於0.42 eV ~ 0.63 eV、吸收係數於600 nm為102 ~ 104 cm-1 之間。
選擇八組不同的P1、P2組合製作太陽電池,其P1、P2具有不同的能隙值(1.89~2.15 eV)與活化能值(0.42~0.59 eV),藉以探討對太陽電池性能的影響。P1具有大能隙值的特性,搭配P2具有低活化能的特性可有效的提升短路電流密度、填充因子及轉換效率。這種P1、P2方式的組合能夠使得光較易穿透P1、P2雙層且載子傳輸經P1、P2雙層時,能維持適切的導電度。對於P1層的能隙值大於2.0 eV 及P2層活化能低於0.46 eV時,使用單一腔體PECVD沉積系統,我們可以得到太陽電池轉換效率高於3.5 %至超越5 %

In this thesis, double p-type hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbine ( a-SiC:H(B) ) layers P1-P2-I-N solar cells are fabricated by plasma-enhances chemical vapor deposition with pulse-wave modulation RF power. Changing CH4 and B2H6 gas flow [B2H6(3~6 sccm)、CH4(36~90 sccm)] and variation of frequency[1 Hz~10 kHz] and duty cycle of pulse–wave modulation RF power (20 ~40 W) can control the optical bandgap, activation energy, absorption coefficient at 600 nm of the p-type a-SiC:H(B) layers at the range of 1.89 ~ 2.19 eV, 0.42 ~ 0.63 eV, and 102 ~ 104 cm-1. Eight combinations of P1P2 double layers with different optical bandgap (1.89~2.15 eV) and activation energy (0.42~0.59 eV) are used to investigated their influence on the performance of solar cells.

Large optical bandgap of P1 layer combined with low activation energy of P2 layer can increase the short-circuit current, fill factor and energy transfer efficiency. This kind of combination of P1P2 layer can optimize the light transmittion trough the P1P2 double layers and kept the suitable, conductivity for carriers transport through the P1P2 double layers.

For optical bandgap of P1 layer larger than 2.0 eV combined with the activation energy of the P2 layer lower than 0.46 eV, we can obtain the solar cell efficiency higher than 3.5 % up to over 5 % within a single chamber deposition system.
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