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標題: 結合行為成本與路徑長度之最佳化路徑設計
Optimal Path-planning Using the Behavior Cost and the Path Length
作者: 陳威志
Chen, Wei-Zhi
關鍵字: Optimal Path-planning;路徑成本;Behavior Cost;Path Length;Euclidean distance;環境成本;最佳化路徑設計;歐基里德距離
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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Path planning is an important research topic in the autonomous robotapplications. In this thesis, the path is obtained by optimizing the cost function which is composed of the cost of the length of the path and the cost of the
desired behavior. It is assumed that the desired behavior of the robot is wall following with obstacle avoiding. First, a map is constructed from theoperational environment. The cost of the desired behavior can then be assigned.A multi-resolution scheme is adopted in finding the optimal path. A map with alower resolution is used to acquire a initial path. Then the final path can be
found within a band containing the initial path with the original fine resolution.
其他識別: U0005-2708200721075900
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