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標題: 應用於正交分頻多工系統之雙倍率管線式快速傅利葉轉換結構
A Double-Rate Pipelined Fast Fourier Transform Architecture for OFDM Systems
作者: 陳囿全
Chen, Yu-chuan
關鍵字: Double-Rate;雙倍率;Pipeline;Fast Fourier Transform;OFDM;802.11a;802.11g;FFT;mapping;管線式;快速傅利葉轉換;正交分頻多工系統;802.11a;802.11g;FFT;調變
出版社: 電機工程學系
在以OFDM為基礎的無線區域網路中,以IEEE 802.11a/g標準的系統為例,當傳送接收的天線成對的為2的偶數次方時,我們即可有效的利用所提出之嶄新的FFT架構,所以實際應用上極為為廣泛。
我們所提出之架構,不但適用於雙倍率OFDM為基礎的無線區域網路,也適用於任何雙輸入N點FFT/IFFT之運算,本論文是以IEEE 802.11 OFDM所需之64點FFT/IFFT運算為例,以行程切割的關念,利用硬體共享,減少雙向/雙倍資料輸入的硬體成本,增加無線傳輸系統的資料傳輸速率。本架構可適用於 FFT/IFFT的各種演算法,並依其電路需求設計,其中兩筆獨立連續輸入資料的處理,不會因為行程的切割,而使兩筆獨立資料輸出時間差距過大造成頻寬的浪費,本結構的兩筆輸出時間僅相差一個脈波週期,以雙倍資料輸入與輸出,達雙倍速率之電路使用,且不會浪費硬體成本,是一個高效率的運算結構。OFDM系統所需BPSK、QAM、16QAM、64QAM之解調變能提供系統不同的傳輸率。

For wireless LAN based on OFDM, such as IEEE 802.11a/g, when the transmitter and/or receiver need to process couples of data sets, the proposed Fast Fourier Transform architecture can be used. Therefore, it can be applied to numerous applications.
The proposed structure can be applied to double-rate wireless LAN based on double-rate OFDM. It is not only appropriate for IEEE 802.11 OFDM system with 64-point FFT/IFFT, but also for any dual-input N-point FFT/IFFT. With the concept of “process division” to share the hardware, it reduces the hardware cost of two-way/double-data inputs, and increases the data transmission rate of wireless communication system. This structure can be used for various FFT/IFFT computation algorithms, and designed according to the circuit requirement. The two independent serial input data will not result in overhead of bandwidth resulting from the large timing difference between the two outputs due to “process division”. The timing difference is only a clock cycle, while double input and output data achieve double rate without wasting hardware cost. It is a very efficient operation architecture.
In addition, this thesis also implemented various demodulations of BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM in OFDM systems for various data transmission rate.
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