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標題: 功率電晶體在高溫逆向偏壓可靠度驗證失效之分析
The reliability failure analysis for high temperature reverse bias (HTRB) in Power MOSFET
作者: 黃彥智
關鍵字: 功率電晶體;可靠度;失效分析
出版社: 電機工程學系

In this thesis, the failure mechanisms on power MOSFET are studied. Two different power MOSFETs, with breakdown voltage of 30V (with out guard ring) and 600V (with guard rings), that survived the high temperature (85 oC) reversed biased reliability test were chosen.
With a simulation, the breakdown voltages of these two MOSFETs can be extended to 60V and 700 V respectively, by just changing the EPI layer thickness and EPI concentrations (with the other parameters remaining the same). Using the same mask sets, the MOSFETs of breakdown voltages of 60 V and 700V were fabricated. However, the 60V device passed the reliability test and the 700V one failed.
The failure analysis and terminal electrical field analysis were made to find out the failure mechanism. This result of study allow designer to optimize the ring structure and gain a maximum utilization of these devices.
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