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標題: 里得米勒碼的解碼及其在通訊系統的應用
Decoding and Application of Reed Muller codes in Communication Systems
作者: 陳澤民
關鍵字: Reed-Muller;里得米勒碼;CCK;Golay sequences;16QAM;格雷序列
出版社: 電機工程學系
近年來由於通訊產業的發達,各種不同的調變或展頻方式不斷的在演變。例如用哈達碼(Hadamard)來展頻可消除使用者之間的干擾,在無線區域網路方面如IEEE802.11b的調變方式使用CCK(Complementary Code Keying)調變,甚至新一代的IEEE802.11g也是有使用CCK-OFDM的調變方式,而CCK與哈達碼都與里得米勒碼有密切的關係,由此可知里得米勒碼在通訊中被廣泛的應用及其重要性。

Due to the fast development of communication systems, many modulation schemes and spreading techniques and proposed in recent years. For example, we use the Hadamard spreading code to reduce the multiuser interference in CDMA system, the complementary code keying(CCK) modulation in IEEE802.11b systems, and CCK-OFDM modulation in IEEE802.11g systems. Since the Hadamard codes and complementary code keying is closed related to Reed Muller codes, this motivates us to study the decoding of Reed Muller codes and its application in communication systems.
We first introduce three decoding methods of Reed Muller code, i.e., the Reed decoding, the Hadamard decoding, and coset decoding. A modified version of IEEE802.11b is proposed to speed up the transmission rate from 11Mbps to 16.5Mbps. Three modified decoding methods are their applied to the 16.5Mbps system to trade off the performance and decoding complexity. Finally, a new decoding method with the combination of X4 construction using Golay sequences is investigate in 16QAM modulation scheme.
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