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標題: 數位博物館網路學習環境設計之評估研究:以「蝴蝶生態面面觀」系統為例
The evaluation of the design of web-based learning environment:a case study of butterfly digital museum
作者: 吳秉蓁
Wu, Ping-Chen
關鍵字: Digital Museum;數位博物館;Butterfly Digital Museum;Web-based Instructional System;Web-based Instructional Design;Web-based Learning Environment;蝴蝶生態面面觀;網路教學系統;網路教學設計;網路學習環境
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

This research is to evaluate the “Butterfly Digital Museum” system from users' point of view. The researcher first synthesized the required functions of web-based learning systems to develop the evaluation guidelines for digital museums. The guidelines include :(1)contents;(2)navigation design;(3)data management of users;(4)help functions; and(5)interactive functions.
Secondly, the researcher interviewed 20 students from different universities to investigate their perceptions and opinions. According to the interview records, users affirm the achievements of the system, especially for the abundant contents, simple descriptions and interesting query methods. However, the results also revealed that :(1)users have problems of re-using or re-organizing the contents;(2)the navigation design is vague and incomplete;(3)the system lacks the function of data management of users;(4)the system lacks auxiliary learning information and personalized learning tools;(5)the interactive functions are inflexible;(6)the presentation of content is unattractive;(7)user interface is unfriendly;(8)the load time of multimedia is too long; and(9)system feedback is ambiguous.
The conclusions of this research are :(1)the functions of the system should be enhanced;(2)the design of the system should be satisfied with different users;(3)the system should keep on expanding and improving;(4)the dynamic multimedia museum will be the trend of development;(5)the system should be more interactive; and(6)the system needs a specific organization to be responsible for its operation and maintenance.
Finally, there are three suggestions for the design of web-based learning systems :(1)strengthening the whole design of the web-based learning environment to achieve the educational goal;(2)conducting user evaluation to explore the needs of different user groups; and(3)establishing an executive mechanism that can deal with related affairs .
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