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標題: 主動式液晶顯示器動態伽瑪校正電路之設計與實作
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuits for Active TFT-LCDs
作者: 吳吉富
Wu, Chi-Fu
關鍵字: TFT-LCD;液晶顯示器;LTPS;Gamma;Sampling circuit;低溫多晶矽;動態伽瑪校正;取樣電路
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文是以低溫多晶矽(Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon, LTPS)製程的薄膜電晶體 (Thin Film Transistor) 技術,將Sampling電路整合在液晶顯示器(Liquid Crystal Display,LCD)玻璃基板上,藉由回授式畫素電壓取樣之直方圖對動畫做動態伽瑪校正,達成高對比高畫質的顯示器。

傳統的伽瑪調整電路一般都是以一連串的電阻產生固定的參考電壓,提供Source Driver的數位類比轉換器轉換使用,所以無論是任何的圖形或是動態畫面,均是同一組的伽瑪設計作為數位類比轉換器的參考基準。

而本論文所提出的電路是利用將寫入於面板畫素內的電荷,利用電荷分享的觀念讀出,並且作統計,然後依據運算的結果作伽瑪的調整。伽瑪調整這個技術一般的作法都是在Timing Controller內作處理,如Samsung公司的作法即在Timing Controller中,將輸入的資料作運算,並且在Timing Controller內作資料與設定的調整。而我們使用的方法上比較特殊之處是必須結合低溫多晶矽技術的System On Panel (SOP) 技術,且將畫素內的電壓讀出。因此,此動態伽瑪校正技術的方法及與SOP整合上較具特殊及創新的概念。


This thesis studies the peripheral circuits of TFT-LCDs by using low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) process, which combines driver circuits and sampling circuits on the glass and features a novel feedback type dynamic gamma correction (DGC) function .

Most of source drivers use the R-string to be the reference voltage generator. No matter what any kind of patterns or moving pictures, the LCD uses a set of constant voltages to be the reference base of the DACs .

This thesis uses a sampling circuit to catch the electric voltage in the pixel electrode by charge sharing concept. According to these voltages statistics generates the histogram of the pictures. Base on the results, a gamma correction signal will be generated and thus the reference voltages will be automatically adjusted. Conventional gamma correction technology was implemented by calculating the digital data and then get a histogram. It means all of the activities are done in the timing controller. This novel methodology is feedback type and uses the LTPS TFT-LCD to implement our sampling circuit by the SOP technology.

In this work, we estimate the possibility of the new DGC technology and hope to implement and realize to the mass production products.
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