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標題: 以六段式驅動器實現電動輪椅之無感測控制
Study of Sensorless Control on a Power Wheelchair with a Six-Step Inverter Drive
作者: 吳宏偉
Wu, Hong-Wei
關鍵字: Six-Step Inverter Drive;六段式驅動器;Sensorless;無感測
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文主要先介紹輪椅的馬達系統與數學模型,了解馬達的數學模型後再做各種的控制行為。控制器方面以TMS320LF2407 為控制平台,將輸入的搖桿訊號經類比數位轉換,透過韌體的規劃判斷使用者所下的命令輸出適當的PWM 訊號,使輪椅達到不同的移動方式。在控制方面,設計兩個主要的迴路,內迴路以PI作為控制電流的控制法則,而速度控制方面,主要以電樞電壓和電流判斷輪椅轉速達成無速度感測回授,再配合可變結構控制法則來達成使用者所下的速度命令,經由此內外迴路的搭配,將使系統更加的穩定且強健。

This thesis introduces the motor system of the wheelchair and mathematics
model first mainly, and do various kinds of control behaviors after understanding the
mathematics model of the motor. The analogy joystick's signals are digitalization by
chip TMS320LF2407, the chip output suitable PWM signals commanded by user via
firmware program to arrive at different movement for power wheelchairs.
In controlling, designing two main loops, the inner loop PI is as the control law
for current, and in speed control, armature voltage and armature current can judge the
speed to arrive at sensorless control of speed. Using Variable Structure Control arrive
at the command which users assign. The system is more stable and robust via inner
and external loops.
其他識別: U0005-2906200714034100
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