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標題: 技專校院圖書館個人化資訊服務之研究-以台中技術學院圖書館為例
Personalized Information Service in Vocational College and Institute Libraries-A Case Study of National Taichung Institute of Technology-
作者: 林明宏
關鍵字: Vocational College and Institute Libraries;技專校院圖書館;Personalized Information Service;Readers' Information Service;Auto-mail;個人化資訊服務;讀者資訊服務;自動電子郵件傳遞
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

Along with development of Internet search engines, libraries worldwide show a trend to provide personalized information service for users. What with vocational colleges and institutes upgrading, their libraries face challenges in such personalized information service, which thus have been lacking in related studies.
Methods of this study included literary analysis, questionnaire and system design. Questionnaires were administered to the faculty of National Taichung Institute of Technology in order to understand teachers'' information search channels and opinions on personalized information service. Finally, this study used ASP programming and SQL statements to analyze and construct a system offering this service and Auto-mail mechanism to enhance efficiency of library service and library usage rate.
This study obtained the following conclusions: 1) as efficiency of SDI has not reached its full extent, library reader service is affected; 2) at this stage of inside operation, automated systems of the aforementioned libraries still lack personalized information service; 3) readers have high expectations of personalized information service; 4) library classification systems are suitable for registration of users' profile in this type of service; and 5) once the system design now under study is complete, other vocational-technical libraries may undertake similar projects, using this one as a model. For further studies, it is suggested that the library industry establish keyword authority files for the registration of users' profile and that automated systems be incorporated into personalized information service to better the quality of reader service.
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