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標題: 適用於低位元率視訊壓縮之改良式物件方塊向量搜尋法
An Modified Objected Block-Base Vector Search Algorithm for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
作者: 劉宇倫
Liou, Yu-Luen
關鍵字: Modified objected block-based search algorithm;改良式物件方塊搜尋演算法;predictive search algorithm;mean absolute error;motion estimation;預測式搜尋演算法;平均絕對值誤差;移動估計
出版社: 電機工程學系

Motion estimation plays an important role in real-time video compression and transmission. In order to improve searching speed of motion vector, we have developed a modified objected block-base Search (MOBS) algorithm. The algorithm is based on the observation that the variation of mean absolute error in the current frame and the mean absolute error in the center block of current frame. The variation the motion vector of central blocks can be used as an index to refresh the value of update number and set up for different threshold. If the value exceeds the threshold, the refresh number is decreased; if not then increases the refresh number. The simulation result shows using the MOBS algorithm can have 5.22% faster than using the object based search (OBS) algorithm. On the other hand, the peak-to-signal noise ratio (PSNR) of the MOBS algorithm is 0.1174% faster than the OBS algorithm.
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