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標題: 中美政府出版品管理制度之比較研究
A Comparative Study of Government Publication Management in Taiwan and United States
作者: 趙麗卿
Chao, Li-Ching
關鍵字: 政府出版品;Government Publication;政府資訊;政府出版品管理;政府出版品電子化;Government Information;Management of Government Publications;Electronic Government Publication
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

This study aims to compare the management of government publications between Taiwan and the United States. The research uses document analysis and comparative method to analyze and compare the development history, governance agency, legal basis, selling services, and information retrieval systems of government publications in these two countries.
The conclusions of this research are as follows: (1)The operation mechanism of the management of government publications in US is mature, but in Taiwan it has just brought into practice since 1977, and currently is in a transition period;(2)The development of the management of government publications in both countries are influenced by their legal basis, related reports, surveys or plans, and information technologies;(3)The functions and powers of the governance agencies in both countries are the same, but their established time, hierarchical systems and management styles are different;(4)The definitions of government publication in both countries are similar regarding their associated laws, but somehow different in their legal status and supervising departments;(5)Both countries place emphasis on making public decrees for government information. However, Taiwan's public law has not passed yet. So the legislative experience of US would be worth learning.;(6)Both countries have established their information websites selling the government publications, but the presentations of services are different;(7)Both countries provide a variety of selling approaches, and the online bookstores are in accordance with a successful network. Nevertheless, there are differences in the management modes between Taiwan and US;(8)The information retrieval systems of government publications are both computer and network oriented. Although they both have set up websites for information retrieval, they end in repetitive work;(9)There are exclusive websites of the governance agencies in both countries. Their information and services are similar, but the objects and characteristics of services are different.
According to the results of this research, six suggestions are proposed to the Taiwan Government:(1)Revise the management policies of governmentpublications;(2)Promote the establishment of public laws for the government information;(3)Strengthen the management organization of government publications ;(4)Establish a cooperation model for the government information network;(5)Provide diversified channels for order services;(6)Enhance the design and service of the website for government information.
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