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標題: 使用哈達碼轉換/反離散傅立葉轉換作為正交分頻多工系統之預轉換藉部分傳輸序列來降低峰均值比
Using WHT/IDFT as the Pre-Transform in OFDM System to Reduce PAPR by Partial Transmit Sequence
作者: 劉郁旻
Liu, Yu-Ming
關鍵字: PTS;部分傳輸序列;WHT;IDFT;OFDM;PAPR;Pre-Transform;哈達碼轉換;正交分頻多工;高峰均值比;預轉換
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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正交分頻多工(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
,OFDM)系統為多載波傳輸系統的一個特例,OFDM系統中其中一個缺點就是高峰均值比(peak-to-average power ratio,PAPR)。當子載波的相位具某種特定組合的時候,所有的符元(symbol)功率將會一起加起來,這將會引起高的PAPR。
降低PAPR的方法有很多種,我們採用部分傳輸序列(Partial Transmit Sequence,PTS)系統當主系統,並使用在其系統中使用預轉換的觀念來降低PAPR,我們使用哈達碼轉換(Walsh-Hadamard Transform,WHT)以及反離散傅立葉轉換(Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform,IDFT)來當預轉換,根據預轉換的放置位置,針對每個預轉換我們可以得到兩個系統。

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) System
is a special case of the multicarrier transmission system. One of the faults is the high peak-to-average power ratio(
PAPR) in OFDM system. When subcarriesrs'' phase has certain combination, all of the symbol power summarize together.It
causes the high PAPR.
There are many ways to reduce PAPR. We select Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) system as the main system and take the concept of the pre-transform in the PTS system to re
duce PAPR. We use the Walsh-Hadamard Transform (WHT) and Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (IDFT) as the pre-transform. According to the pre-transform's location ,we can get the two systems for every pre-transform.
High computation complexity is always the big fault of the PTS system. We will take a concept of reduction complexity algorithm for this fault and use this concept to simulate and analyze for different pre-transform systems. Besides, in order to let the weighting factor of the PTS system has error correcting ability, we encodes it and analyze for different pre-transform systems.
Finally, we have the different conclusions from every simulation results and prove that using pre-transform can improve PAPR reduction performance.
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