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標題: 公共圖書館運用義工資源之研究-以台中地區圖書館為例
The Research on the Use of the Volunteer Resources in the Public Libraries:A Case of the Public Libraries in Taichung Area
作者: 林育瑩
關鍵字: Volunteer;志工;Voluntary Service;Public Library;Human Resource Management;義工;志願服務;公共圖書館;人力資源管理
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

Since the CYC(China Youth Corps.), civil associations, and some religious organizations started to make use of the voluntary service from the year 1980, many non-profit making organizations still promote the voluntary service now. The term of “volunteer” has been commonly emerged among all social classes in Taiwan. The goal of the public libraries is to serve the public, and it is hopeful that the volunteers feed back the libraries in return.
The scope of the research is the public libraries in Taichung area, including those in Taichung County as well as Taichung City. Methods of this study included related library literature analysis and questionnaires. The surveys were conducted throughout the library directors, librarians and volunteers of 32 public libraries, and they were asked about the present situation and needs, management procedures, the benefits and problems perceived as a result of using volunteer resources. Surveys were returned by 349 subjects(88.1﹪of total survey packets):28 library directors, 74 librarians, and 247 volunteers.
The results come out that Taichung County has higher proportion in the use of the volunteer resources than that of Taichung City. Nowadays, large amount of the volunteer resources are female, housewives, aging from 41 to 60. The motive, which the public libraries carry, is to save the labor power in the libraries. Both the library directors and librarians considering the use of the volunteer resources are significant and important. They are highly satisfied with the performance of the volunteers. However, the high fluidity and the discrepancy of quality are the main reason why some libraries are reluctant to make use of it. In addition, the management procedures should be established, it will help the voluntary services.
Finally, seven suggestions are proposed: (1) the term “volunteer” should be unified; (2) the cultural volunteers in every city and county are supposed to be organized; (3) the public libraries have to draft the management procedure of the voluntary service; (4) the performance appraisal should be put into practice; (5) the young adult volunteers are the uncultivated land that worth developing; (6) the public libraries should bring volunteers' specialties into full play; (7) the public libraries should improve the volunteers' skills on computer operations.
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