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標題: 網路系統對圖書館文獻傳遞服務之影響評估
Evaluating the Impact of a Network System on Document Delivery Services in Libraries
作者: 鍾雪珍
Chung, Hsueh-Jen
關鍵字: document delivery services;文獻傳遞服務;Library Cooperation Online System;perfokrmance evaluation;library network;全國館際合作系統;績效評估;圖書館網路系統
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所
摘 要

For a long time, the document delivery services have been the channel for readers to broaden the scope of the materials and been the path to support each other among libraries. Due to the past manual operation, the performance of document delivery did not perfect as expected. With the development of the information technology and computer network, readers pay more attention on the convenience and efficiency to obtain materials. The developments of interlibrary loan and document delivery services are heading to the way of more automation. This research discussed the impact on document delivery services from manual operation to the application of the network system.
The methodology in this study includes content analysis, questionnaire survey and domestic participants interview. The key factors for measuring the effectiveness of the “ Library Cooperation Online System” included volume, turnaround time, filling rates, cost, delivery options, materials quality and readers' satisfaction survey. The data gathered from the periods before and after using the system was provided by the interlibrary loan librarians in NCTU library.
The conclusion in this study included three parts: (1)performance evaluation of document delivery;(2)readers' satisfaction survey;(3)librarians' notion. Firstly, the results of the performance evaluation of document delivery indicated that:(1)After using the Library Cooperation Online System , the volumes increased by a wide range;(2)After using the System , the filling rates got up to 70﹪;(3)After using the System , the turnaround time shortened obviously.(4)After using the System ,average cost decreased slightly. Secondly, the results of the readers' satisfaction survey can be specified as follows: (1)The readers are satisfied with turnaround time;(2) The readers are satisfied with delivery quality;(3)The first factor which influenced the readers to choose document delivery services is turnaround time; (4)The readers deemed that using the system improved turnaround time and increased utility rate. Finally, the results about librarians' notion are: (1)The network system changed the role of the librarians from executors to superintendents in the document delivery services;(2)The network system reduced the prime cost of the document delivery in the libraries; (3)The librarians are satisfied with the network system of the document delivery, especially the balance system.
The study proposed that(1)Strengthen the popularization and promotion of the “ Library Cooperation Online System”; (2)The system should continue to increase system functions and cooperated partners;(3)Establish a permanent organization to maintain the system;(4) The cost of document delivery should be included in the budget of the libraries;(5)Unify the charge of document delivery services in the libraries.
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