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標題: 光碟複製機影像處理系統之實作
The Implementation of the Image Processing Module of a Disc Duplicator System
作者: 楊進興
關鍵字: Image Processing;影像處理;Edge Detection;邊緣偵測
出版社: 電機工程學系
其中影像處理方面包括如何降低影像的雜訊,彩色影像的灰階化,用Nearest Neighbor,Linear以及Cubic內插(Interpolation)的方法來對影像進行放大,最後是影像的邊緣偵測,分別以Robert,Laplacian,Sobel以及Canny方法來對影像進行邊緣的偵測,然後會以效果及各演算法所花費的時間來進行評估,選出最合適偵測中心點的組合。
在托盤中心點偵測方法中將會使用到Radon轉換來找出影像中各主要的直線,再配合最小平方圓(Least Square Circle)找出托盤之中心點,使偵測系統能夠快速地運算出結果,並將此結果的誤差控制在±0.2mm內是本論文的目標。

This paper presents the methodology of image processing system and disc holder center detection of an automatic disc duplicator system as a research topic. The paper touches on introduction of hardware system, the controlling software of CD-Rom and image capture device, image processing methodology and centre detection methodology and etc.
The image processing includes, how to lower noise of the image, color image graying, usage of Nearest Neighbor, Linear and Cubic interpolation method for image zooming, lastly the edge detection of the image, using Robert, Laplacian, Sober and Canny methodology to detect the edge of the disc holder respectively, then using the effect of the result and consuming time for each algorithm used for assessment, so as to select the most suitable centre detection combination.
For disc holder centre detection method, Radon Transform can be used to find out the main straight line of the image and then couple with Least Square Circle to find out the centre of the disc holder's centre.
To enable detection system to compute quickly and control the accuracy within ±0.2mm are the objectives of the paper.
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