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標題: 使用理德所羅門碼在無線通訊跳頻分碼多工系統之設計與效能分析
Design and Performance Analysis of FH-CDMA Wireless Communication System with Reed-Solomon Code
作者: 劉宇馨
Liu, Yu-Shing
關鍵字: Frequency Hopping;跳頻;CDMA;Wireless Communication System;Prime Code;Reed-Solomon Code;分碼多工;無線通訊系統;質數碼;理德所羅門碼
出版社: 電機工程學系

The innovations and applications of wireless communication technologies lead to recent rapid developments in the areas of mobile communications and wireless local networks. Continuous increasing demands in providing various types of high-speed wireless services are fueling the needs for large growth in capacity and data rate and for supporting multimedia services in future wireless systems. Therefore, it is very important to offer flexible wireless communication systems that can support a variety of data rates for different applications. The FH-CDMA wireless systems allow many users to share the same frequency band simultaneously by assigning a distinct FH pattern to each user. In this thesis, we investigate the conventional MFSK/FH-CDMA wireless system and the integrated FH-CDMA system with prime code. Then, we propose an integrated FH-CDMA system with Reed-Solomon (RS) code. By utilizing the RS code sequences, the proposed scheme can increase the data rate in the fixed bandwidth. We design and investigate the proposed FH-CDMA scheme and compare the system performance with the conventional FH-CDMA scheme and the integrated FH-CDMA system with prime code.
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