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標題: 寬範圍且高效率脈波頻率調變降壓轉換器
Wide Range and High Efficiency Buck Converter with Pulse Frequency Modulation
作者: 洪溪憲
Hung, Hsi-Hsien
關鍵字: Pulse Frequency Modulation;脈波頻率調變;Buck Converter;降壓式轉換器;高效率脈波頻率調變降壓轉換器
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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論文中使用的是TSMC 1P6M 0.18μm的製程完成電路設計,且提供輸出電壓範圍是0.3V~1.8V,負載輸出電流範圍為5mA~1A。在功率效率上,負載電流100mA時為最高效率 91%。晶片面積大約為3.3x1.5mm²。

In traditional power converters design, PFM and PWM dual control mode is frequently used for wide range loading current applications. For PWM control mode, extra circuits must be utilized for compensation. In addition, it is not easy to get exact capacitance in integrated circuits design and thus the circuits may need to add extra capacitors outside the chip. This thesis presents a wide range loading current and high efficient buck converter design with PFM, which uses single control instead of dual control mode to reduce design difficulty and outside devices.
This thesis proposed the control of inductor current to reduce power consumption of the power MOS transistors and to avoid overloading of inductor current. When the inductor current is sufficient to supply the loading current, the inductor current controller will generate a corresponding control voltage to the off-time generator, which can turn off the power MOS transistors.
This buck converter is designed by using TSMC 1P6M 0.18μm technology. The output voltage range is 0.3V~1.8V and the output current is 5mA~1A. The power efficiency of the converter is 91% at 100mA loading current. The size of the chip is 3.3x1.5mm².
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