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標題: 大專院校圖書館與電算中心組織合併後之內部整合管理研究
A Study on the Internal Integral Management Issues after the Merger of Academic Libraries and Computing Centers
作者: 楊淑妙
Yang, Shu-Miao
關鍵字: Merger;合併;Academic Libraries;Computing Centers;Internal integral management;學術圖書館;電算中心;電子計算機中心;內部整合管理
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

Information Technology has a great impact on university libraries; not only does it change the way the libraries function, but also cause organizational re-structure, such as the merger of libraries with computing centers. In order to study the internal management problems of the merger cases, this research uses content analysis and questionnaire as research methods. The results are as follows:
There are 21 merger cases of university libraries and computing centers since 1995, partly as a result of a consensus reached in 1995 Directors' Meeting of University Computing Centers, and partly because of the downsize of staff, change of structure, and system reform, etc. at the universities.
These cases have some things in common, such as, diverse academic background of the staff, limited working experiences, etc. The names and structures of the organization are much more flexible than the traditional ones.
In management, the information sector usually takes over the leadership; however, the internal operation procedures and assignment of work are usually not thoroughly re-organized and adjusted before merging. Generally speaking, the staff involved do not see the merger as successful as the directors do. In communication and negotiation, the relationships among staff are fairly well, but the understanding of each side's jargons does not show much improvement. In reward and punishment, though the staff lack the chances to express their opinions, they still accept whatever imposed upon them and think those rewards and punishments are quite fair. In organizational behavior, the staff highly rate themselves, and the directors agree with them. In identification, the staff identity themselves with the organizations, but feel quite uncertain about the future of the organizations, and the sense of belonging to the organization is quite weak.
Here are some suggestions to those who intend to merge: (1) appraise carefully before deciding to merge; (2) take a full-scale plan before merging; (3) reconcile different organizational cultures and improve internal management; (4) make good use of reward and punishment systems as tools of management.
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