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標題: 一基於輪廓模糊類神經網路之移動物體辨識系統
Moving Object Recognition By Contour-Based Neural Fuzzy Network
作者: 陳亮佐
Chen, Liang-Tso
關鍵字: Contour;輪廓;Neural Fuzzy Network;Moving Object;Recognition;模糊類神經網路;移動物體;辨識
出版社: 電機工程學系

Moving object recognition by contour-based neural fuzzy network is proposed in this thesis. To extract a moving object, we use a series of image processes, including gray-based subtraction between current and background images, Sobel operation, and morphological operation. To extract object's feature vector, we use contour-based model. Parts of the features are obtained by contour following followed by Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). Another feature is length-width ratio, which can be derived from vertical and horizontal projection of the extracted object. Finally, we use the Self-Constructing Neural Fuzzy Inference Network (SONFIN) to train and recognize moving objects. The experiment shows we can recognize four moving objects, including a pedestrian, a motorcycle, a car, and a dog, exactly. The performance of SONFIN is shown to be better than a neural network from comparison.
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