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標題: 高職資訊素養教育課程之規劃
A Curriculum Programming on the Information Literacy in Vocational High School
作者: 張玉燕
關鍵字: 高職;Vocational High School;資訊素養;技學素養;圖書館素養;媒體素養;網路素養;核心課程;核心能力;Information Literacy;Technology Literacy;Library Literacy;Media Literacy;Network Literacy;Core Curriculum;Core Competency
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所
本研究旨在編撰高職資訊素養課程之教學綱要,以作為高職推動資訊素養教育之依據。研究者參酌俄亥俄州中學技職教育課程發展模式-ITAC(Integrated Technical and Academic Competencies, ITAC),界定高職資訊素養教育之四大構面為技學素養、圖書館素養、媒體素養與網路素養,並以能力分析模式發展出「高職資訊素養課程能力項目檢核表」一份,而後採取「效標參照選樣」(Criterion-based Selection)及「立意取樣法」(Purposive Sampling)選取八位學者專家進行問卷調查及深入訪談,以確認各個能力項目之重要度,並徵詢專家對高職資訊素養課程之看法與意見。

This research aims to design an instruction description for information literacy curriculum in vocational high school in order that it may become a base for vocational schools to promote information literacy education.
Referring to Ohio State high school's technical and vocational education curriculum development model-ITAC (Integrated Technical and Academic Competencies), the researcher divides Information Literacy in vocational school into four categories- namely Technology Literacy, Library Literacy, Media Literacy and Network Literacy. Based on Competency Analysis Model, a “Check List of Information Literacy Curriculum Competency Items for Vocational School Students” is developed. The researcher then consults eight scholars and experts in the base of “Criterion-based Selection” and “Purposive Sampling” about this curriculum. Their viewpoints and opinions are collected by way of questionnaire surveys and personal interviews so that the importance degree of every individual competency item may be confirmed.
This research is concluded as follows: (1) A total number of the information literacy competency items is 47, while the importance degree of the four categories is that of library literacy, technology literacy, network literacy and media literacy (from high to low in order). (2) Information Literacy is “the integrated technical and academic competency” (ITAC), which is the common and core competency vocational school students of all fields must posses. (3) The general goal of the information literacy curriculum is to enable students to adapt themselves to the changing world, solve problems and to be life-long learners. (4) This course should be listed as one of the core curriculum in the field of “Life and Technology” and be taught by professional staff. (5) Different fields have different instruction objectives; hence the proportions the four categories take should also not be the same. (6) The major problem in promoting information literacy in vocational school lies in the shortage of teachers and lack of teaching materials.
In order for the information literacy curriculum to be implemented concrete, the researcher proposes some suggestions with regard to the developing and training of teaching faculty, the edition and selection of the teaching material and teaching resources, the curriculum research, implement and promotion.
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