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標題: 以DSP實現電動輪椅控制器
Implementation of a DSP-Based Motor Controller for the Power Wheelchairs
作者: 蔡佳良
關鍵字: Power Wheelchairs;電動輪椅;current feedback;電流回授
出版社: 電機工程學系

A power wheelchair is the daily assistant mobile tool for people who are the functional disease in walking and harmony with appropriate medical treatment to improve the life quality. Due to the most power wheelchair controllers which are sale in the internal market conditions are depend on the import form the foreign factories (Dynamics Inc. in New Zealand, and P&G Inc. in England). The suitable power wheelchairs research design for local functional disease in walking people is very less in the internal.
This thesis developed the local power wheelchairs controllers with using DSP to be the control panel and constructing the driver and current feedback circuits of the power wheelchairs by our self. We used the P control and PI control to be control laws and achieved the torque control of the motor with using current feedback control.
We have finished basic power wheelchairs controller in this thesis and used the current feedback control. From the experimental test, the test results showed that it achieved the basic behaviors of the power wheelchairs.
The future research and the way of improvement including as followed; adopting more appropriate control law, reducing the volume of the controllers, and improving the elements.
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