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標題: 技專院校教師對圖書館利用教育實施態度之研究--以國立高雄海洋技術學院為例
Vocational College and Institute Faculty''s Attitudes Toward the Implementation of Library Instruction: A Case Study at National Kaoshiung Institute of Marine Technology
作者: 花瑞蓮
Hua, Ruey-lian
關鍵字: 技專院校;Vocational College and Institute;教師;技專院校圖書館;圖書館利用教育;資訊素養;教師的態度;Faculty;Vocational College and Institute Libraries;Library Instruction;Information Literacy;Faculty''s Attitudes
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

The library instruction (LI) not only aims at making students familiarized themselves with the library resources, equipments and services but also at training students on information literacy. Faculty wields significant influence over students' use of the libraries. Their attitudes also possess the key factor in the successful implementation of LI. This research explores the vocational college and institute faculty's viewpoints about LI, which could be a valuable reference for future LI..
The research surveyed the faculty of National Kaoshiung Institute of Marine Technology (NKIMT). The researcher adopted questionnaire method and interview techniques. 170 copies of questionnaire were distributed, 162 copies returned (return rate 95.3%). Data were analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) and Excel using frequency distribution, Chi-square and cross analysis.
The research revealed that most faculty emphasized the importance of training students of self-studying capability through LI. Several factors affect the implementation of LI: the faculty's library experience and publishing activities, the help from library resources, and the service/propagation of the library. Moreover, faculty's library experiences will influence students' learning attitudes. The best timing for conducting LI is perceived the freshmen's first semester. The coverage of LI should be extensive. Faculty and librarians have to cooperate and plan together for the implementation of LI.
The thesis reached the following conclusions: 1) to expand the library's resources and equipments, offer a flawless network service, 2) to strengthen the implementing modes/contents of LI, 3) to do active propagation and marketing to seek supports from the faculty, 4) to invite faculty to participate LI planning, 5) to ascertain the evaluation task of LI, 6) to provide LI for faculty, 7) to integrate information literacy into the course, 8) to master the characteristics of academic field, scheme the academic-featured utilizing education.
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