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標題: 無人自行車之非線性平衡控制與實現
Nonlinear Steering Control of a Riderless Bicycle
作者: 李怡德
關鍵字: nonlinear control;非線性控制;adaptive control;riderless bicycle;適應控制;無人自行車
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops four nonlinear control algorithms to balance the constructed riderless bicycle. The constructed riderless bicycle control system is composed of a steering control subsystem, a rear wheel speed control subsystem, and an IPC balancing control subsystem; both the steering and rear wheel speed controllers are implemented in a single chip DSP controller with PI control algorithms. The IPC balancing control subsystem implements these nonlinear control algorithms in C language and issues the desired steering angle command and desired rear wheel velocity commands to steering control subsystem and rear wheel speed control subsystem respectively.
Four nonlinear balancing control laws based on dynamic model are presented in this thesis using the input-output feedback linearization technique, adaptive input-output feedback linearization technique, backstepping technique, and adaptive backstepping technique respectively. The feasibility and effectiveness of these four control laws are shown in Matlab/Simulink. Through experimental results, the proposed control laws have been shown to be capable in regulating the tilt angle of the riderless bicycle to zero.
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