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標題: 圖書館西文電子書的使用動機與行為研究--以國立中興大學研究生使用netLibrary電子書為例
A Study of Motives and User Behaviors on Using English E-books: A Case Study of the Graduate Students Using netLibrary in National Chung Hsing University
作者: 何淑津
Ho, Shu Chin
關鍵字: E-books;電子書;Electronic Books;netLibrary;Using Motives;User Behavior;netLibrary 電子書資料庫;使用動機;使用行為
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所
自小說家Stephen King的電子小說Riding the Bullet造成出版商的震驚以來,美國圖書館界紛紛討論此一顛覆傳統的閱讀媒體,而國內圖書館界對於相關研究卻付之闕如。有鑑於此,本研究以探討中興大學理科、工科、農業、獸醫、生命科學、商學暨管理、文史等七類科研究生使用netLibrary西文電子書之動機、未使用原因及使用行為,並了解不同類科之讀者在使用行為上之異同為目的。研究方法則採文獻分析法、問卷調查法、觀察法及訪談法。

As Stephen King's electronic novel, “Riding the Bullet”, shocked the publishers and American libraries started to discuss this alternative media, relatively few researches addressed e-book situations of university libraries in Taiwan. The purpose of this research is to study motives of using, the reasons of not using netLibrary, and different user behaviors among the readers of different disciplines in National Chung Hsing University. The research studied the graduate students of seven disciplines including Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary, Life Science, Business and Management and Humanities. Methods of the study included related library literature analysis, questionnaires, observations and interviews.
The results demonstrated that over 70﹪using e-books were to do researches, and an important reason of not using netLibrary in Chung Hsing University is that “the e-books service is unknown”. The increasing need for English e-books also revealed that English print and electronic books would co-exist today. As for user behaviors of netLibrary were mainly for partially reading, but many functions of netLibrary don't suit with user behaviors. Most functions proved less convenient to users than functions of print books. Besides, the functions that IT can achieve haven't come to maturity yet.
Comparing motives and the user behaviors among seven disciplines, the graduate students of Veterinary were most willing to use e-books. The graduate students of Life Science needed e-books least. The graduate students of Business and Management expected the functions of e-books in wide diversities. The graduate students of Business and Management and Humanities hoped a longer loan period. On the whole, there were different using motives among seven disciplines, but the user behaviors related to individual reading habits, not related to disciplines.
Five suggestions based on the results of this study are as follows: 1.To develop e-book collections in university libraries with consortium continuously. 2.To reinforce on e-books promotion and instruction by libraries. 3.To develop a policy or guidelines on collecting print and electronic books. 4.To select e-books with good functions suit with user behaviors. 5.To develop the e-book collections to match users'' needs and requirements.
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