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標題: 直流無刷馬達之電流與轉矩控制方法探討與實作
Implementation of Sliding Mode Current and Torque Control Algorithms to Brushless Dc Motors
作者: 洪嘉蔚
關鍵字: brushless;無刷;mortor;current;torque;control;馬達;電流;轉矩;控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

The purposed of this paper is to design and implement the servo driver and the current feedback controller. Three current and torque control methods using d-q axis transformation are proposed and discussed in this paper. The first one is the current control that using the variable structure control. The second one is the direct torque control. We hope that the energy loss drops to the minimal value in this method. The third and the forth are the look-up table method. The characteristic of this method is that it needs no motor parameters. We use the MATLAB to simulate and compare the advantages and the disadvantages of three control methods. Finally, we use the TI TMS320LF2407A digital signal processor and the YELI brushless dc motor to implement the current feedback control.
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